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Foundations of Web Design
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Thanks for considering my course! Let me introduce why I created it.

For over seven years I have lead instruction and developed curriculum for "coding bootcamp" training programs in the San Francisco Bay Area. Throughout this time the instructors and students I worked with were frustrated at the lack of high-quality, open access, no-nonsense coding curriculum. Instead, search engine results turns up endless pages of content hidden behind paywalls, cluttered with messy ads and flashy animations, and out-dated instructions that slow down beginners trying to build websites or break into the tech industry. The very worst part is that this "clutter" problem is the most acute at the foundational stages of learning, making learning to code sometimes feel like navigating a noisy, chaotic, carnival-like maze!

I designed Foundations of Web Design to fill in this gap. I want it to be a fun, useful, and immediately useful web design course. Most importantly, I am releasing it free forever under a free/libre open source license. A dependable learning resource that's accessible to self-teach, while teaching powerful skills that provide results in both work and personal projects. I hope that both absolute beginners, and even intermediate learners looking to fill in gaps, will be empowered by taking this course to build cool, creative, expressive, modern, and useful websites and web applications. I can't wait to see what you will all build based on this!

See you in class!
        - Michael