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Technical Specifications

The walnut wood card tray is precision milled to perfectly fit a stack of Focus cards. The powder coated steel divider separates active cards from new ones, or can be used to archive important task lists.

Designed by Good Goods, Inc.
Solid walnut base with rare earth magnets and powder coated steel card cover
6.25" x 3.55" x 1.15"
Hand sanded and finished with natural oil
Wood card tray and 3 refill packs
Made from natural materials. Grain and color vary with each item.
Walnut card tray with white powder coated steel divider and 3 punchout holes. Top down view of walnut card tray with embedded magnets and card groove. Side of walnut card tray with card groove and recessed card area. Walnut card tray filled with cards and card angled in dedicated groove.

Applicant Information

Personal details and application.

Full name
Margot Foster
Application for
Backend Developer
Email address
Salary expectation
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